Homeschooling isn't always easy...but you can find joy in your homeschooling days!

Join us this summer to be ENCOURAGED and EQUIPPED for the upcoming school year. Learn from an amazing group of speakers who are passionate about helping homeschool families like yours thrive.
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You can...

  • Connect with your kids and homeschool with joy

  • Inject beauty and passion into your homeschool

  • Explore helpful and practical homeschooling ideas

  • Renew your joy and purpose for the upcoming year!

List of Speakers

Leah Boden

Modern Miss Mason

Betsy Hendrix

Thistles & Biscuits

Tim Hendrix

Linguist & English Lecturer

Alicia Hutchinson

Learning Well Community

Min Hwang

Life-Giving Motherhood

Amber O'Neal Johnston

Chantel Klassen

Intentional Homeschooling

Leslie Martino

Homeschool Writer & Coach

SarahRuth Owens

Kindle Togetherness

Jennifer Pepito

The Peaceful Press

Marrissa Raimonde

Yellow Spot:Sun

S. D. Smith

Author of the Green Ember Series

Crystal Wiley

Simple & Free

Cindy West

No Sweat Nature Study LIVE

Katie Chancellor

Learning Through Literature

Leslie Rutland

Learning Through Literature

Conference Sessions:

  • Leah Boden: Let Poetry Speak

    Explore the place and power of poetry in our own lives and in the regular rhythm of our homeschooling days

  • Betsy Hendrix: Challenging Polarity through Multicultural Education

    Raise a generation of empathy that crosses bridges and creates conversations through practical and authentic multicultural education methods

  • Tim Hendrix: Learning Language Outside the Classroom

    Discover the advantages of homeschooling in reaching fluency in a second language

  • Min Hwang: Aiming for a Life-giving Homeschool

    Embracing the 3 educational instruments: Atmosphere, Habits, and Living Ideas

  • Alicia Hutchinson: Homeschooling Q&A Session

    Join us as we discuss answers your questions and other homeschooling topics such as scheduling ideas, homeschooling with a newborn, fitting everything in, and the teen years

  • Amber O’Neal Johnston: Teaching Hard History

    How to approach hard history in our homes with honesty and compassion in an age-appropriate way

  • Chantel Klassen: Learning Together with Unit Studies

    Explore the benefits of unit studies with practical tips to easily create your own

  • Leslie Martino: Meaningful Connection With Our Children and Schooling With Joy

    Cultivate a deeper, more meaningful connection with our children as the driving force behind how we spend our homeschooling days. Plus explore the barriers that prevent authentic connection and how we can work to remove them using joy

  • SarahRuth Owens: Adventure Schooling - Learning Together in the Great Outdoors

    Explore adventuring with children as a form of family bonding and dive into who should adventure school, what it is, and how to begin

  • Jennifer Pepito: Creating a Peaceful Preschool

    Using picture books, projects and independent work to meet the developmental needs of young children while teaching your school age students

  • Marrissa Raimonde: What is Art and How to Incorporate it into Daily Rhythms

    Learn about types of art lessons for various ages and how to incorporate them into daily and weekly rhythms

  • S. D. Smith: Five Anchor Words for Every Kind of Writer

    The Green Ember Series author explores five anchor words to locate and center writers of all ages and types

  • Cindy West: Renewing Your Homeschool with the Beautiful Practice of Nature Study

    Explore the beautiful ways nature study can help you renew a love for learning and make family connections

  • Crystal Wiley: Injecting Passion to Renew Your Homeschool

    Renew your homeschool by taking the time to consider what you’re most passionate about and sharing that joy with your children

List of Sponsors

Look for discounts & freebies from these sponsors in the conference swag bag!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the conference cost?

    Sign up during Early Bird registration for only $20. After June 6, regular registration is $25. (Registration is non-refundable)

  • How do I attend the conference?

    The best part about Renew Homeschool Gathering is you can attend from the comfort of your home. All you need is internet connection and a device for watching (computer, tablet, or phone). Once registered, you will be able to access the conference sessions beginning on June 10, 2021. All you have to do is sign in, turn up your speakers, and enjoy!

  • What is the purpose of the conference?

    Renewing your homeschool with beauty, connection, and delight! The sessions will encourage and equip you with ideas for the upcoming school year. We are thrilled to have some incredible homeschool voices speaking at Renew Homeschool Gathering to offer homeschool encouragement PLUS practical tips and advice. They will walk you through step-by-step how to renew your homeschool vision, better connect with your kids, and delight in homeschooling.

  • What if I can't watch on the conference dates?

    No problem! The conference videos and materials will remain available to you through September 30, 2021.

  • Will the sessions be live?

    All conference sessions will be pre-recorded. However, speakers will be interacting in the comments section of their sessions during the conference dates (June 10-11, 2021). You will be able to ask questions and interact with speakers and fellow attendees there.

  • Is there a conference swag bag?

    YES! You will have access to awesome freebies and discounts from our sponsors when the conference opens on June 10, 2021.

Renew Homeschool Gathering

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Learning Through Literature

Leslie and Katie are the mother/daughter team behind Renew Homeschool Gathering. They are passionate about helping families find and navigate great literature, which they do through their Book Guides and online Book Finder at
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